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For more than 15 years, Rotor has conducted numerous projects to make the practice of reusing materials in the construction sector more widespread and accessible. Rotor's work takes many forms: design (from salvaged materials), research projects, design assistance, teaching, exhibitions-making… We are recognised as a frontrunner of the circular economy.

In 2023 Rotor is applying for an European Interreg NWE grant with a project entitled PREUSE (Public Responses to Enable the Use of Salvaged building Elements). The project will be carried out with various European partners (from Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Netherlands). It aims to support public authorities (local and regional) in the management of their material resources and the implementation of systemic solutions to reclaim and reuse building materials. These solutions include setting up local and regional reuse centers, activating a network of committed stakeholders and raising an awareness campaign.

Being an important European funded project, the requirements in terms of reporting and management are high. Rotor is therefore looking to strengthen its team with a new collaborator in charge of the overall coordination of this project.

In addition, Rotor wishes to better monitor public funding opportunities for applied research which are an important part of our activities (see the "Research" section on our website and

Function description

The role consists in coordinating the smooth running of the PREUSE project :

  • Managing and monitoring the project schedule.
  • Being in dialogue with the Interreg Secretary and the project partners, monitoring their progresses and maintaining effective collaboration within the project team and among the partnership.
  • Coordinating the reporting on the project to the funding authority (e.g. writing a summary of the main achievements in collaboration with the project team, collecting and assembling the partners’ respective activities reports, collaborating with the accounting team on the financial reporting, etc.).
  • Organizing partners meetings.

In addition, the role includes monitoring and writing/coordinating applications for public funding opportunities (one-off or structural).


The applicants must:

  • have excellent oral and written communication skills in English. They must be able to write fluently in English.
  • have prior experience in the coordination of similar projects or projects of a comparable scale and format.
  • understand the Belgian and European political landscape, the different levels of decisions, their competences and related subsidies.
  • be able to work in a multilingual environment (FR, EN, NL).
  • be able to work autonomously and in a team.
  • have excellent organizational skills.
  • show an interest in the reuse of construction elements.

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