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Legal officer environmental and climate law

About us

Dryade harnesses the power of the law to defend the interests of both nature and mankind.

Nature has no voice. It cannot advocate for its own interests. The same holds true for future generations. Nevertheless, their interests are threatened by climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution.

Those who protect nature also care for humanity, and vice versa. A healthy living environment for ourselves, our children, and grandchildren is an environment in which nature thrives as well. If we manage to reconcile nature and economy, everyone wins.

Job description

Dryade is a young and growing organization consisting of a team of two legal officers. We are seeking a third legal officer with an interest in environmental and climate law. You will work closely with the existing team, which provides the necessary structure and guidance. The main duties can be described as follows:

  • Developing concrete legal actions to protect nature, climate and environment
  • Coordinating and conducting legal actions (e.g., litigation, complaints and appeals), potentially in collaboration with a lawyer and partner organizations
  • Drafting legal publications, press releases and op-eds
  • Building a network with other environmental organizations, legal experts, politicians, administrations and the media

Role requirements

  • Master's degree in law at a Belgian university
  • A practical and outcome-focused approach
  • Proficiency in Dutch, English and French
  • Interest in environmental and climate law is a requirement, experience in these fields is a plus
  • Relevant legal experience is a plus


  • An impactful job in a mission-driven organization that promotes higher levels of environmental and climate protection
  • A varied job which involves legal advice, litigation, negotiations and policy work
  • A dynamic job which requires collaborating with large and small environmental and nature organizations and establish connections with legal experts and policymakers
  • A challenging job in which you deepen your knowledge of environmental and climate law, with the possibility of specialization
  • Remuneration to be discussed based on experience


Applications accepted until September 30, 2023